Please note that we will be closed for renovations from January 4 2015 until mid February 2015.

Our operations have been transferred for the duration of the renovations in the premises of CAVA at 5551 Park Avenue. We will be pleased to offer you our services inside a whole new background.

For further information, please contact our offices. (514) 272-3522


5357 ave. du Parc
Montreal, Quebec
H2V 4G9

Milos Yacht, your very own Greek island

Step aboard Milos luxury motor yacht and discover Greece’s hospitality as it’s meant to be experienced — unpretentious in style, uncompromising in service. Cruise the mythic seas at 28 knots and explore Greece’s 6,000 islands. Countless smaller ports beckon — often just a rocky outcrop crowned by an unspoiled estiatório offering the rich bounty of local seas and vineyards. The visual feast is equally unforgettable, enhanced by Greece’s time-honoured ingredients of sun and salt-flecked surf.