Customized cruises

Although you can explore countless archaeological sites, hundreds of museums and more than 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, while sampling our varied folkloric traditions and cuisines; despite the fact that Greece offers approximately 16,000 km of breathtaking coastline, about half of it surrounding some 6,000 islands and only 227 of which are inhabited; Greece is something more than that.

Moreover the ancient crossroads of several civilizations or the world’s greatest reserve of cultural wealth — from prehistoric and Classical to Roman, Byzantine and Venetian; altogether, culture, people, light, sea or unspoiled nature, Greece is a personal cosmos which is bounding each visitor only through experience.

Customized cruises

A cruise created just for you…or by you

Our experienced staff and crew will custom design your cruise and plan your days based on your interests. Perhaps you’d like to simply relax and spend your days swimming in secluded coves, basking in the sun and enjoining the peace and quiet. Maybe your idea of the perfect vacation is an epicurean journey through the foods and wines of Greece, while also sampling the bustling island ports and nightlife. Then again, you may be a devotee of Greek cultures, and want to immerse yourself in our ancient and modern heritage. For most people, a bit of everything sounds just about right. So what’s the right balance for you? Simply talk to us. We’ll design the perfect itinerary, and build in flexibility so you can change your mind and re-set course any time.

Milos Yacht, your very own Greek island

Step aboard Milos at Sea and discover Greece’s hospitality as it’s meant to be experienced. Cruise the mythic sea and explore Greece’s 6,000 islands. Countless smaller ports beckon — often just a rocky outcrop crowned by an unspoiled estiatório offering the rich bounty of local seas and vineyards. The visual feast is equally unforgettable, enhanced by Greece’s time-honoured ingredients of sun and salt-flecked surf.