You cannot describe Greece in a few words. Whoever wants to fully grasp the country in its real dimensions, will have an intense cultural experience throughout the space and time of the Greek civilization. Crystal clear seas, craggy, yet majestic mountains, monuments of several historical eras which bear witness to a rich history, great museums, ancient settlements, impressive caves and ravines, mild climate, enchanting and friendly beaches, charming inland areas with picturesque villages, traditions and warm hospitality, excellent local cuisine, and pure at heart people, are just some of the images characteristic of this land.

Tailored services

The Milos at Sea experience starts at a modern marina in the south coast of Athens. The voyage is planned with the captain’s assistance as to whichever destination the guests opt for. Deserted beaches, small coves, archaeological sites or cosmopolitan towns are some of the destinations indicative of the range of options at hand.

Suggested itineraries

Following necessary arrangements, the experience of Milos at Sea can be enriched with visits to Milos suppliers wineries. Visitors can participate in educational programs, guided tours and various events offered by each winery, focusing of different themes related to the wine cultivation and wine making heritage in Greece.

Milos Yacht, your very own Greek island

Step aboard Milos at Sea and discover Greece’s hospitality as it’s meant to be experienced. Cruise the mythic sea and explore Greece’s 6,000 islands. Countless smaller ports beckon — often just a rocky outcrop crowned by an unspoiled estiatório offering the rich bounty of local seas and vineyards. The visual feast is equally unforgettable, enhanced by Greece’s time-honoured ingredients of sun and salt-flecked surf.